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  • Welcome!

    If you’re here, chances are you are going through a difficult time – though not everyone who seeks counselling is in crisis. You might be thinking about therapy because you want to understand yourself better, or develop some aspect of yourself.


    But very often people come to see me because they are feeling depressed or anxious. They might have been affected by life events or changes in circumstance such as a bereavement; a relationship breakdown or a separation; the loss of a job; a difficult pregnancy and/or a traumatic birth; the arrival of a new baby. Sometimes people feel stressed by work, or overwhelmed with caring responsibilities.


    For others, the feelings are not linked to any particular event. You might be feeling “stuck” and not know why exactly; have difficulty forming or maintaining relationships; you might fear intimacy or find it hard to communicate; or you might want to talk about issues around your sexual experience or your sexuality.


    Or perhaps you are feeling anxious about your health or that of a loved one. You may find yourself worrying about your job, your finances or your family's future.


    Whether you are experiencing any one of these issues or another not listed here, or you simply want to talk to someone outside of your day-to-day life in order to gain a different perspective, my aim is to support you as best I can.


    I am available either in person for face to face sessions or via video for remote sessions, depending on your preference.


    Whatever your age, background, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, or occupation, I would like to welcome you to my practice.



  • Get in touch

    Please feel free to contact me on my mobile or leave a message here.

    Top Floor, 585A Fulham Road,
    London SW6 5UA
    Mon-Fri 9 am - 4 pm
  • Fees

    Face-to-face or online counselling sessions, once a week


    Individual, 50-minute session

  • How does it work?

    As a Humanistic Counsellor, I believe that you are born with the resources to find the answers to your own questions. And I believe that as client and counsellor we collaborate. My role is to facilitate self-understanding, promote growth, nurture self-development, offer support, promote healing where there has been damage, and empower you to make the right choices.


    Further trainings in CBT therapy as well as Life Coaching have enriched my practice, enabling me to offer clients a more integrated approach to their issues. For instance, I draw upon CBT skills when we explore how your thoughts affect your mood, or when helping you identify the ways in which your coping mechanisms might maintain your problems rather than resolve them. Or you may be looking for a more directive, solution-focused approach in order to achieve a desired outcome. This is where the coaching tools I have learned can be very effective in mobilising you to reach whatever goals you have set for yourself.


    In summary, I don't believe that one therapy fits all. Together, we can decide what works best for you. Sessions will be tailored to your needs, whether you are seeking shorter-term help with a specific issue, or a longer-term engagement for more complex ones.


    To book an appointment, you can contact me by email or by text. It would be helpful if you included something about why you are seeking therapy at this time. Please also feel free to share any details about yourself that you think might be relevant. I will reply to your message promptly and if I am able to help, we will schedule a session. All communications between us are confidential.


    In our introductory session, you will be given the space to talk about the issue(s) that you bring to therapy. We will also discuss what you hope to gain from counselling. You will experience the way I work during this session, which will help you to decide if I am the right person to offer you support or help to achieve your goal(s). Everything we discuss is confidential.


    Should you choose to proceed, we will agree to either a short-term, or a more open-ended arrangement in our second session.


    I am available to see clients face to face on Tuesday-Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Alternatively I am available for remote sessions via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or over the phone.



  • Professional Registrations

    I hold a Diploma in Humanistic Counselling, a BSc in Reflective Therapeutic Practice, and an MA (Cantab) in Modern and Medieval Languages. Additionally, I have been awarded Certificates in CBT Skills, in Therapeutic Coaching, and in Couples Counselling.


    I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor.

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